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Archaeologists need new home for six tonnes of Northamptonshire artefacts
kevin wooldridge Wrote:I recall photographs of a crocodile.....

Worked the following summer with someone who was there when it came up out of one of the big ditch sections, and apparently it was actually a small cayman, actually just the wire frame, some scraps of hide and a glass eye - the story goes that Wheeler had 'borrowed' it one day from the Dorchester Museum and used it as a pointing aid when giving site tours [if nothing else, the man had style!], and must have chucked it in when he deemed its job to have been done. The 1980s publication seems to have been the victim of allowing students to use my local university library, otherwise I'd check if there's a printed account of the (re)discovery [and a small-finds report? - nah, too much to hope for...]. Anyone got a copy?

Bet the croc's still around as someone's favourite all-time best-ever site-souveneir :face-approve:

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