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Archaeologists need new home for six tonnes of Northamptonshire artefacts
Can anybody with, or connected to CLASP confirm how much of this material has been written up into either grey literature that is accessible, or published. My experience in trying to source reports from a variety of important sites in N'hants, yes Ashton i'm thinking of you, is that they only exist in archives stored in peoples garages or under desks. Unless, this material is recorded by record, not just 'ooh look what we found' then disposal is not an option. If it is recorded by record then a disposal strategy should be formulated for c.80% of the collection and the rest deposited with the relevent museum store. I can't believe, well actually I can, that supposedly responsible archaeologists have allowed such a mountain to build, but until CLASP resolve this they should not be allowed to generate any further material.

I do not doubt the noble aims of CLASP, but this is archaeology gone awry due to a lack or forward thinking on proper post ex and archiving.

Just my tuppence worth.

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