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Diggers' Forum report on away work and travel is out
Potboiler Wrote:So, where is my financial reward?

When I had my first proper professional contract I got given the only spare contract: a driver's contract that was a whole ?300pa higher than the standard Digger contract to cover the extra hours. Unfortunately this went down rather badly with some other Diggers as I was only 16...

There are solutions to the financial reward, without demanding that someone else doesn't get paid, just because you are driving and they aren't. That is divide and conquer as Unit would say.

As someone who only learnt to drive a couple of years ago (I lived in London), I would like to agree that if you don't pass when you are young it gets harder and harder as the constant moving, job insecurity and long hours can make learning to drive, and learning to pass, very hard. That's without even thinking about the financial cost. Can I just say thankyou to everyone that gave me a lift, and sorry about the snoring.

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