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Searchable List of 250+ Open Access Archaeology Publications- Journals, Reports,
ecmgardner Wrote:Super quick updating of results list and a fab resource, but the far right handside column only shows up as 'Geographi...' on my browser. Looks like the whole of the column is truncated by the 'Find out more' column. (Hope that makes sense and I'm using Firefox 9.0.1 with a 1600 x 900 screen resolution. Happy to give you any other info / screenshots if it helps)

Other than that, I'll be using it as a great place to start research - thanks Smile

Thanks for the heads up- because of the way I had to create the database and put it into the webpage it is actually embed as a window- similar to iframes. If you go to the bottom of the list you will see a scroll bar that moves everything over. Unfortunately, there is not to much I can do about it but I have put a note on the website explain.

Thank you so much for the feedback- every bit helps me make it better.

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