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copyright question
Thanks for the reminder Dirty Boy. Yes, all the contracts I have worked under for units have included a paragraph the states that for any work undertaken for the company to contribute to a client report, the intelectual copyright is held by the unit, and that indormation may not be disseminated without permission.

To be fair, the units I have worked for have never had a problem giving permission as long as they are asked, and client confidentiality rarely restricts discussing the archaeoology, just demands you do not mention the development it is connected with. Always best to ask permission, too many people assume that just because they did the work, it somehow belongs to them (legally).

As for money for published photos - I would think that as the unit paid for you to take the photos, even on a freelance basis, they are then entitled to publish them as they see fit without further payment, but this should really be set out in a contract for work.

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copyright question - by newtothis - 14th November 2011, 12:37 PM

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