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copyright question
gonetopot Wrote:Newtothis - as you were self-employed, the copyright for the pictures belongs to you, although for a talk as opposed to a publication, copyright is not an issue unless it is broadcast, nevertheless professional courtesy dictates that they should ask your permission.

If you are employed by a unit and have to take pictures as part of your role, then the copyright belongs to the company, but it is nice to at least be acknowledged if those photos are then used in a report.

Generally true, but will depend on your contract with the unit you've given your services to. Copyright is likely to be mentioned there due to client confidentiality clauses and the like.

You may be able to get a credit for taking the picture, but again, depends if your intellectual property rights are mentioned in the contract too.

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copyright question - by newtothis - 14th November 2011, 12:37 PM

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