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Excavation Skills!
Dinosaur personal experience many moons ago on my first university 'training' dig was an almost eye-watering rate of promotion once it was realised that I'd actually done a load of digging pre-uni on circuit sites...seemed to mysteriously get all the fun complicated bits of digging/surveying/recording/whatever else needed doing, at least it meant I avoided having to go near all the bad trowelling etc...then off the back of that got lots of valuable experience helping with the post-ex trying to sort out the multi-year excav, which was a bit of an eye-opener.....

Same here, Dinosaur. Mind you, the number of postgrad archaeologists working in academia who sat on their elbows seemed to be the majority in my day.
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Excavation Skills! - by makapanman - 7th September 2011, 10:50 AM

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