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Looking for work?
You got it. Otherwise the point of BAJR is lost. I personally check and validate each job, I ensure a level of pay and conditions... ie... the following requirements for advertising on BAJR are this:

4: Do you have any responsibility for the jobs you advertise?

BAJR does try to keep an eye on what is going on... it is quite often like the proverbial swan with a gentle glide on the surface and a frantic paddling beneath. I am grateful to the companies that advertise through BAJR for their support and help in maintaining a standard.
The jobs you never see are ones that pay beneath the BAJR set pay levels or have conditions that are not in keeping with the IfA Codes and Conducts that BAJR not only recommends as a standard, but upholds as a supporter of the IfA. If you have a problem with either a company that advertises (they are in breach of H&S or Pay Levels or Employment Entitlements) then please get in touch and we can try to negotiate an amicable solution. The same is true for a company with a problem staff member. I am only able to act if I am informed of problems and will carry out investigations in an attempt to find a reasonable solution.


So if you start telling people about jobs with companies that don't want to appear on BAJR (for whatever reason) then why should the companies that do want to appear on BAJR, and do uphold the relevant pay and conditions document bother? I have a duty to the advertisers and to those that are seeking work. If you know about a job and the company don't want to appear on BAJR, then first ask yourself why not?

Every company is welcome as long as they pay on or over the Grade levels. ( something I can police, IF people advertise through me, rather than on this forum. )

Plus if you look at the Terms and Condition in the AUP section there is this:
* Do Not post any material or text or link that may be construed as advertising posts, employment or other form of profit making project/course or similar without first checking with BAJR by personal email. failure to do so may result in the posting being removed and a warning.

So lets just pretend you did not know that and take the hint :face-approve: If you know of any companies that are seeking staff then you may suggest to them they get in touch, so that the advert can be viewed by a large audience. All they have to do is get in touch like everyone else.

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Looking for work? - by Jack - 30th June 2011, 02:54 PM

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