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Southport - support or betrayal?
So I think to move this debate on... in fact to move it to the consultation... for as has rightly been said, it is for us to decide.

A new thread. Southport Consultation for people to have their say on a constructive response.

I understand the anger of the 'volunteer' I think what is being suggested is that volunteers cannot replace a paid workforce, and I am sure they would not want that too... I enjoy working on volunteer digs, because.. yes.... I am with people who are keen as mustard. We are just concerned that volunteers are used to replace professionals. So that could be the first part of the response... WE are not against volunteers on site, as they contribute greatly to the project, asn with a rota, the management of numbers can be easily done, but we will not accept volunteers replacing paid field staff for any commercial project.

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Southport - support or betrayal? - by BAJR - 17th April 2011, 09:55 AM

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