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Developing a working statement outlining concerns would be useful. This statement (in bullet points if preferred), should list “our “concerns (or link to), wants, needs, SOLUTIONS etc, regarding heritage. Proposed in another thread regarding this very topic it was mentioned that “we” could schedule a meeting (surgery) with “our” local MP (wherever “we” happen to reside and through “theyworkforyou”Wink to present this statement of concern and solicit action.

Also in another related thread I had suggested that “we” structure a presentation to disseminate the purpose of the campaign. “We” as volunteers could meet with local societies, parish councils to discuss heritage issues and raise awareness of how the cuts will affect heritage services at the local level (parish, town etc). For instance one aspect of the presentation could focus on archaeological planning issues, cuts and the potential effects of the localism bill. Many of the people I deal with at a local level (archaeological planning issues) are completely unaware of the purpose of archaeological conditions that are placed on their planning. I spend quite a bit time in various circumstances explaining these issues to individuals as inevitably the subject of listed buildings and archaeology comes up. I take the time to explain the relationship of archaeology and planning. To be fair, the concern of most individuals is the added cost of the due attention to archaeology we in part bear responsible for. They may or may not agree, but at least they have a better understanding. Most individuals realise and appreciate the importance even though I’ve lightened their account balance. Smile
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