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DF guide to cold weather working
Well done Chiz.....

I think working in extreme cold weather is possible (I am currently on site in southern Norway for example, average temperature this week has been - 8C), but would say that for the most part the quality (and therefore the price!!) of suitable clothing is an important factor. This current project has a specific 'cold weather' clothing budget to allow the 3 of us working there to purchase any items we lack in our day-to-day PPE.


In this photo I am wearing: one saftey hat inner liner, one snood, one scarf, one vest, 2 shirts, one fleece, one coat, under trousers, outer ski-pants, one pair long johns, 2 pairs of socks and fur lined safety boots. In my pocket I have inner and outer gloves....which I have removed for the purpose of pushing Leica datalogger buttons....probably around about ?500 of cold weather PPE. But of course I get to wear it more frequently than most UK based diggers.
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DF guide to cold weather working - by sadie - 16th December 2010, 12:22 PM

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