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And Now... the end is near!
I am going to run with this thought, before its gets lost in this thread. So have moved the last posts to their own Thread. Museums: Bridging the gap - Contract and Research Archaeology


Mike has not been able to reply the the question - but has made several email posts on Britarch - would be nice to see some contract archaeologists talking on there as well Wink

These seem to be the general points... I have cut out 80% and there is lots more to these posts; However.....

Quote:Local authority historic environment services are crucial, not just for their vital role in the planning system, for their education and outreach activities and their work as the 'knowledge hub' in each area through the Historic Environment Record. The sooner we can achieve statutory status for these record services the better (an opportunity is coming up with the Localism Bill, though the Govt are not convinced as yet ...).

Quote:The CBA is involved in discussions with both the AHRC and the British Academy about further research and advocacy to support research and teaching in archaeology, and we hope to be able to announce some linked initiatives in the coming weeks.

Quote:The key themes are for local people to act as guardians of their local archaeological heritage, as well as active advocates on behalf of the heritage sector, whilst developing new knowledge and understanding.

Quote:The competition between universities and departments makes it more difficult to develop a coordinated discipline-based response to the situation, recognising the ongoing uncertainties, but it is one of the reasons why the SCFA has chosen to work through the CBA as a neutral advocate for archaeology in higher education (as well as our higher public profile etc).

Quote:The CBA currently has some 10,000 individual members and subscribers, as well as over 600 organisational members. We aspire to dramatically increase this number in the coming years, partly to ameliorate the potential impact of financial pressures from cutbacks to public funding............It will not only enhance our financial stability, but also build a stronger voice for the UK's archaeological heritage in our advocacy and campaigning work.

Quote:The final point I just wanted to make is that all the groups which support the archaeology sector, including the CBA, Rescue and others, are working under considerable pressure and all welcome additional offers of active support - and new members.

I would just like support Wink

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And Now... the end is near! - by BAJR - 25th November 2010, 12:08 PM

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