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Oxford Arch's ' CO-ORDONNATEUR DE PROGRAMME' position
[FONT=&quot]Are you kidding me? Does Oxford seriously beleive they can get someone with all of these skills with that kind of salary? [/FONT][FONT=&quot]

[FONT=&quot] I couldn't believe that when I saw it. I know it must meet the minimums otherwise it wouldn't have been posted on BAJR, but - please. This madness has to stop - we are allowing such a massive devaluation of our skills that soon, we'll be paying companies to employ us.[/FONT]

[FONT=&quot] How can you realistically ask someone to open a whole new region -in a foreign country , far from the home office - on a junior level salary?! You must be kidding. Is Oxford that out of touch with what is actually needed to perform business at this level? To represent a company and make sound decisions in that kind of environment? Either they don't, or they are just not serious about the position - i.e.: not investing enough to really make a go of it.

[FONT=&quot]To be fair, perhaps there is already a structure in place for this person to fit into, after all Oxford have been working in France for quite awhile. So I'm prepared to accept this new person might not be expected to go it alone. But still, that salary is not exactly going to make people feel secure. Thumbs down.[/FONT]

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Oxford Arch's ' CO-ORDONNATEUR DE PROGRAMME' position - by MarionRavenwood - 8th September 2010, 12:19 PM

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