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Holy Grail apparently found in Lincoln


I like how it tells us how...
Quote:Historians and academics will be astonished by the revelation that Christendom’s most prized historical object
has been under their noses for decades.

and that he

Quote: “...never intended to start out on a search to find the Holy Grail. I was interested initially in researching the links between the Crusaders, England and the medieval saints,” says Coleman.

Thanks goodness for the Church

Quote:"I think it’s fair to say that the cathedral is somewhat sceptical about these claims,” says Roy Bentham, Lincoln Cathedral’s chief executive.

“Mr Coleman has put in a lot of hard work but in our view some of his conclusions require a few leaps of faith.

but fortunately
Quote:The Grail Chronicles by EC Coleman is published by The History Press on July 1, priced ?9.99.

hmmmm so this is not a cheap attempt to sell another book that sits firmly into the high dubious category

this beats the gladiator stuff in York though... do we have an advance on Grails... an Ark of the Covenant... do I hear an Ark

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