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Revised IfA Code of Conduct published.. with ammendments
i go about my life - its clear to me that sometimes my activities are producing archaeology, but there are many others where i am not engaged in producing archaeology - it seems useless to conflate the activity of an archaeologist doing archaeology with the daily production of life/cultural traces that might in future become the activity of a future archaeologist - that is to say, it must be an act of specific Will, to bring something that can meaningfully called archaeology, into existence.
However, that act need not be fully predicated on excavtion, or any other physicality..."Pity! This vessle, meets no one to fill it." ...

Archaeology is not created by peoples activity in the past - material remains were not made for us to find. They have passed through entrpy and time - that blade was not forged rusty...those bones once had flesh upon them...

The material remains may indeed have existence beyond our knowledge of them (direct or inferred), but they become archaeology through our perception of them.
What of Falling Trees? They might cause vibrations in the air as they fall, but they reuire an act of Perception to cause sound. We do not ask whether the other trees heard thier ailling companion, nor whether this unfortunate tree was itself aware of all the commotion it has since caused. ..we have faith/assumption that archaeology exists that we have not uncovered, just like we assume a falling tree always makes noise, but like an unethical cat-in-a-box conundrum, our thinking about and perception of these material things changes their nature, and renders them into archaeological concepts.

This is more than just semantics - there are practical implications for how one orientates oneself to the task at hand- it is a reminder that archaeology is created through thought, and that different thinking can create different archaeology.

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