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Archaeology as Therapy and why archaeologists should connect with mental health proff
Thanks for the response, its good to see. In advance-If any of my posts appear sharp its because I refuse to use the silly faces and prefer the difficulty in analysing the written word which is a little like archaeology or psychiatry......

This idea (of using archaeology as a therapy) will work all over the World, and athough this is not my main aim it can be an alternative source of funding for Archaeology and perhaps a new way of making links with others.

But my aim is simply to suggest to archaeologists and archaeology companies they should talk to any friends who might be involved in the mental health industry - and they to archaeologists.

And a long time ago when I used to post on this site I was almost alone in predicting the Crash which came (and of course in Aus it was short but can you be so sure of China Comrades?).......

....... but Complex societies come and go and surely a million years into the future some comsmic archaeologist might discover these words on a buried PC!!! (I will stop now, that kind of thing; as well as slight suggestions that WA might be a Racist State [ironic] used cause a lot of ink to be spilled).

I really put this post up to put the idea out to all (anyone in the World not just UK) but in particular Australian archaeologists because I'm not sure if our discussion site is still running?

My friend is an Aboriginal archaeologist and he has just returned from working on what could be called a 'European site' (although of course Indigenous People have always since invasion been around and surviving) but he is a raritry.

But becoming less rare which is a great thing and a fare bit due to the conscious effort of archaeologists and anthropologists in Australia who have done well to overcome the Racist habits of some of the activities of past 'social scientists'.

So, thats why the principle of this idea is not new, but its just the idea of making formal links that is.

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