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This CSCS thing
Hi there Salmonpuff and Ladygeek,

first off, don't panic!!!!!

If you go onto the official CSCS card homepage it's pretty easy to find the archaeologists.

Look at the left hand column. The first heading says, "Occupations available."

Click on that. Choose "Construction Related Occupations," because that describes us pretty well, no?

Scroll down the alphabetical list until you reach: Archaeologist Technician 5363

From there it'll give you all the particulars.

If a construction site foreman asks what kind of a card you've got, tell him, "A White Card," ie, Construction Related Occupations

If you've booked your test through the site you should've booked the test and card fee together as a package. Check your paperwork and if you're still not sure give them a ring and ask!

0844 576 8777

As for the test, it's almost impossible to fail it. Have a look at the BAJR guide to CSCS cards and pay attention to the fire extinguishers, because that's the only bit poorly covered in the guide book.

If you've booked training courses and stuff, you're wasting your money. Hie thee to thy nearest WHSmith or Waterstons and make for where they stock the Highway Code, because that's usually near the construction tests section. There's a slim volume called something like "CSCS, all the questions, all the answers."

This is exactly what it is. Your test at the centre will be a selection of these questions verbatim.

If the question causes you to pause for thought at all the answer will be, "tell the foreman." I'm adding this bit especially for those who already are responsible for drawing up the risk assessment or are the First Aiders. Remember, the white card is the minimum card required by anyone actually working on site, so that's why we do it. Unless you're a PM or a PO who functions at PM level you do not need another card.

Good luck, I'm sure you'll do fine.

PS, don't forget the ID at the test centre. Bones, have they suddenly changed the card? When I went they took a digi mug shot which was printed straight on to the card.

As for a real archaeology card, it won't happen until we're a professional body, although I agree it would be nice. See last natter:

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