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ideas please-children
I recognise that this is not strictly relevant here but please bear with me.A long standing family friend of mine works with terminally ill children.After a long and deeply moving discussion with her about the minutae of what she does day in day out, I am shamed into action. I shall go straight for the throat here....
Universities have their RAG weeks, commercial companies adopt their own charitable causes. As an industry/profession-what do we do? I hope to galvanise archies in my area into action. I know that we all earn stupidly low amounts and before you run off-I`m not asking for your money. I`m asking for your ideas. As children are our future and we deal exclusively with the past, I propose that the industry/profession adopts childrens charities from here on in. In my area, I aim to raise funds for a local hospice for terminally ill children. So, here`s my questions..
1. Should/could/can we adopt childrens charities as a profession/industry?
2. How can archaeologists/heritage professionals help to raise funds without scooping into already empty pockets?

Thank you for listening-this may seem out of place but, after hearing the nuts and bolts of my friends daily chores, I`m a bit embarrassed to be on here every day belly-aching about what I have to put up with.Love and best wishes to all.Big Grin

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