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Catch Phrases
Person dies and goes to hell. The devil gives them a tour round saying they have the choice of 3 rooms in which to spend their eternity in torment. In the first room it is blazing hot and the inhabitants are being poked with hot pokers, roasted over fires on spits etc. In the second room (insert equally horrible punishment here). And finally in the third room everyone is sat around eating biscuits and drinking mugs of tea, yet up to their knees in ****. Thinking to themselves that the third room looks the easy option the new inductee quickly opts for it, at which point the demon supervisor says 'Right you lot, tea break over, back on your heads'.

Sorry I forgot the middle bit but feel free to get creative.

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Catch Phrases - by muddyandcold - 9th September 2005, 12:08 PM

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