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Adventures in Archaeology - Western Sahara
when i hear words like volunteers wanted,I always wait for the punchline "but you must pay thousands of pounds ,volunteers give their service bloodsweat and tears just to help keep the costs down,to charge volunteers is not really asking for volunteers its asking for sponsors and rich ones at that !! a volunteer is ready to do free work give his free time and what knowledge he has to help,Its about time someone says no you cant advertise for volunteers who have to pay,volunteers are unpaid workers not private banks to scam from,Its simple "no funding dont work" .....dont ask quite possibly an unemployed volunteer to pay for them to work,it should only be advertised as a field school not a voluntary position,as it is very misleading.

ps,I alway understood that students as part of their course work and gaining field experience were to be charged a fee,as that part i could understand,also i have read snippets on bajr about people gaining degress and phds etc without having any field experience or very very little ... how can that be ? im a little bewildered as to how somone can claim to be or be acknowledged with a degree as archaeologist with ever having got themselves dirty doing field work or have i got this wrong? isnt it like giving someone a pilots licence without ever having flown.

Gary Cullen
Teodora Drajzera 8 Topcider
Tel:062 230 855


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