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Choosing a dissertation topic
Ok, this is probably not the most ideal place to ask this question but I'll have a go anyway.

Has anyone got any advice on where to start in choosing a dissertation topic (BA Archaeology Undergrad)? I've got a while yet (going into second year) but I'd like to have as much time as possible to consider it.

A few things that may help advice
* I'm interested in mainly British (but getting to like European)Prehistory (all- which doesn't help if/when it comes to specialisation). Unfortunately I can't take ALL the second year modules allowing me to pursue my interest in the "Early Medieval European 'migration' period", which would have helped, but would have involved learning more about the Romans :face-confused:
* I'm not bothered about it being a groundbreaking revolution that will stun the academic community. I don't want to be an academic...
* ...BUT I still want it to be good
* So does that mean it HAS to be a groundbreaking revolution?
* I'm not especially knowlegeable about either area I have lived... *...but I would maybe like to do something a bit local (for access to archive purposes) rather than anything concerning 'popular' sites - you know the ones!!

So...any pointers on where to start?
Thanks in advance for the help

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Choosing a dissertation topic - by Pippyn - 24th July 2008, 04:35 PM

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