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What are the best gloves for the various activities we do on site in terms of comfort, protection, robustness etc.

Clearly the choice is more restricted for using surveying equipment or cameras. For photography in the depth of winter I use a pair of "extremities".

(David/Maggie can you look at PPE in general and start stocking the harder to find kit.)

Will do...

can people give us a list of what you want but always have to spend hours finding...

we'll spend the time... (time is money)

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."
Ladies-sized gardening gloves! NOT the ones with the lovely printed roses on them, but small versions of the suede and heavy duty cotton gloves which you can get from the pound shop as long as you have gorilla sized hands!

I panic bought a load in Asda in the summer (it's only "seasonal" stock), but maybe some of us girlies will appreciate being able to get hold of some in the winter.
Cow hide gardening gloves. Cant remember the make. But thin, soft and flexible. Found them ideal on site. Do cost a bit, anything from around £8-15 (from all good garden centres) but last for ages and whats more machine washable. Dont get left with soggy mush like when using cotton or suede gloves either.
Nice thick woolly ones. Not too thick that hands can't be shoved in pockets during boring bits of site visits though. Must have a robust index finger for all the pointing that's required. [:p]
Tend to use my trowel for pointing (isn't that why they're calling pointing trowels?![:o)]) so some nice wooly mittens would be good maybe Dachstein ones as they stay warm even when frozen.
Got a xmas catalogue delivered the other day, and its got "SealSkinz" gloves made with Kevlar thread, apparently waterproof, breathable, and extra tough with special grips on the palms and fingers. No idea if they're any good, but I think they might be making it onto my xmas wish list!

"a pound of shelled peanuts was handsome pay by any apes standards" Pratchett 1998
I bought some SealSkinz in the sales in April, but as I have gone back to the learning for a year, I won't get to try them out until next winter. I have heard very good things about them though. Apparently they keep your hands dry even when bailing out!

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