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Scottish Archaeological Research Framework website
Was at the launch last night. and must say that this is impressive...

I would go so far as to say.. mighty impressive..

The Scottish Archaeological Research Framework (ScARF) reflects the current state of knowledge regarding Scotland’s past.

As understanding of the past changes, so too will ScARF. It should be seen as a live document that will be constantly updated, edited and improved. The people developing ScARF are the people who use it: those who research Scotland’s past for enjoyment, employment, or frequently both.

This is an organic research framework that has gathered EVERYTHING known to act as a guide for EVERYTHING we will know and watch as the design changes with each new input.

alls well, thank god, wallace was the father of edward, when will they see

soon, oach i, soon
Reason: your past is my past

What this represents is quite remarkable. I feel the actual scope of this is going to take a while to really sink in.
ScARF has established a national datum of achievement in 2012 and has sketched out the Research Questions that are visible now - enabling future research to be appropriately directed.
Yes, quite wonderful and a very interesting evening ;o)
And good to see you there... wonderful things!

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