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Useful Smartphone Apps For The Archaeologist
Lets use this thread to list smartphone apps that may be of use to us archaeologists.
To start with I suggest:

Igeology - British geological map.

Rain Alarm- It will warn you if rain is coming your way.
There is a list/review of iphones apps and archaeology by Peter Edinbach.
Umm very Amero centric!
I've got a links page to some very useful apps on my website, mainly for the iPhone but I'm sure there are some Android versions of some of these too;
Boxoffrogs Wrote:Umm very Amero centric!

Yeah, it was almost as if it was written by someone who works at an American university
You can afford a Smartphone !!!!!! ?????
Its not like they're that much more than dumbphones. My HTC costs me about ?12 a month for all the calls and data that I need.

Thanks for the links, everyone.

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