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Yes he is back

Cartoon Reality gives us the fashion tips we never knew we wanted or needed

and of course this also gives me the chance to applaud him for the Easter Island cartoon.... have some friends who have just headed off there... will send them this to keep their peckers dry or their powder up?

I did actually once work (in Dublin) with someone from Easter Island, which I suppose is quite unusual given that the island's population must be about a dozen. He showed no interest in monumental sculpture though - chasing members of the opposite sex seemed to be his thing. And he was VERY successful at that. How are your friends getting to Easter Island, not swimming I hope? Tell them to watch out for the sculptures . . .
At least they should be able to hear them coming in the dark........the occasional squelched sheep should be a dead giveaway.....
Yes - that telling BAAAA-SPLURT sound. Unmistakable really.

It's probably why the statues have never managed to leave the island, the sheep act like a sort of minefield.
the man is madder than a box of ....umm ferrets
So should be able to pick up the bluestones walking to Stonehenge in the archaeological record? Trail of shallow, sheep-lined neolithic pits stretching from South Wales to Salisbury Plain with a fishy bit in the middle - excellent! }Smile
Genius! It's so simple it's a wonder no one has thought of this before. Although the bluestones are not bipedal and therefore would have to hop, so the pits should be reasonably deep. - I feel as if this is leading towards some appalling joke about wooly jumpers . . .

More importantly where can we apply for a research grant?
Pringle perhaps?
No thanks, the salt plays havoc with my gout. Got any onion rings?

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