Poll: BAJR archaeologist of the year
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The Unknown Digger (DF)
86 17.06%
Wessex field archaeologists
111 22.02%
Kerry Murrell (CAU)
267 52.98%
Dinosaur (oop north)
40 7.94%
Total 504 vote(s) 100%
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BAJR Archaeologist of the Year 2011
Smile Not pitiful at all. Not bad for a pseudonym Smile

You were at a disadvantage from the start. I could try and hack into the database table and try and find where it stores the votes and give you an extra 500 Smile then we would know it was a fix
Eeeerm, I'm led believe there's a really simple but time consuming way of.....no, no, don't want to encourage such things.....have been wondering whether I made a mistake in being old-fashioned and politely voting for someone else though :face-crying:
Smile You are just an old-fashioned dinosaur :face-kiss:
BAJR Wrote:Smile You are just an old-fashioned dinosaur :face-kiss:

...with a faulty memory too, missed something out of the (short) list of instructions I was told the other day Sad, so your voting system is safe for the moment :face-approve:
BAJR - you appear to have "exceeded your stored private messages quota" - or did you just think no one loved you any more..... Big Grin
ah that explains the blissful silence ... swept out now and receptive
WE HAVE A WINNER..... Kerry from CAU and Must Farm. and she will get the personalised Toolkit from Past Horizons (cheers Maggie!)

The serious aspect to this is the following.

For too long... far too long, we... the fieldworker are never recognised for what we do, for what we find and the conditions we put up with. Tough, underpaid and undervalued (no don't say that ain't normally true!) Look at teh awards look at the reports... look at the congrats and where are we, the PBI? and by that I mean the Digger the supervisor, and yes the site PO ... we evaporate as teh great and the good take the credit for our work. This is actually an award to us all, (thank Chiz for torpedoing my cunning plan right at the start... can't pull wool over your eyes! )

I will be instituting a real Diggers Award this Year. so we can see and hear about the people who are out there who actually dig the damn stuff up that is so important . The BAJR Digger Award will be international, and have categories. So watch out in April as this field archaeology recognition is begun. We are worth more, we always were. but from the invisible digger--- time to be visible

Until then... the winners are all --- Dino ( sorry to have done that to you ...)

SO thanks to all. and get ready for Diggers Day on 1st Feb. details coming soon.

And Also watch out for a photo article with a difference... Must Farm... with the actual archaeologists ! :face-approve:
Phew, the right woman one! :face-approve:

Wasn't cut out for greatness anyway......
Congrats to Kerry, and all Diggers, everywhere.
Except me, for the appalling spelling mistake in my last post :face-crying:

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