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Customised Google search engine for Heritage based Guidance
From Ed Lee
Standards and Guidelines manager
English Heritage

Quote:I?ve set up an experimental customised Google search engine at

That runs a Google search, but only on those sites which I?ve identified as carrying guidelines, or training or act as general reference ( is in there, so is the HELM guidance library etc) . The nice feature is that it can be edited collaboratively: anyone with a Google account can join me in editing and maintaining the list of websites that the search works on. I was wondering if you or BAJR colleagues might like to join me in making this a more relevant and up-to-date resource?

BAJR forum is a good place to look for volunteer editors. YOu would need to have set up a Google account.

However heis also open simply to suggested websites which may not be in there, and Ed can add them.

They need to be either specific documents (e.g. a .pdf on a website, or a website which itself provides the text of some guidelines on techniques, or a website from where you can download several documents along those lines. We are looking for UK focussed stuff.

I like the idea of this customised search engine, so some ?crowd-sourcing? might be just what it needs.

Have a look at see what you think.

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