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BBC series to explode Scots history myths
My old friend Neil Oliver is up for a fight.. and one I back the whole way..

Quote:quote:By Marc Horne
TRADITIONALISTS will want to sharpen their claymores and prepare for battle after a radical new BBC examination of Scotland's history puts many long-established beliefs to the sword.
The controversial £2m flagship series, fronted by archaeologist Neil Oliver, claims to have evidence to prove that:

• St Columba was an "opportunist" whose claim of bringing Christianity to Scotland was dubious.

• Kenneth MacAlpin was
not, as generations of schoolchildren have been taught, the first king of Scotland.

• Picts were tattooed with images of animals, rather than smeared with the blue face paint of popular culture.

• The heroic Caledonian leader Calgacus almost never certainly uttered the phrase: "They make a desert and call it peace."

Scotland's History begins tonight. Oliver said: "I want to dispel the myths that have cursed Scotland's past and uncover the real characters and events that have shaped its history."

read more on the Scotland of Sunday website.

The point he is trying to make, is that history is perhaps not fixed.. that dodgy interpretations and misunderstandings end up passed down as facts...

Every one of the 'controversial' issues is just plain truth... but something that needs addressed. the same is true for the welsh series and also in England and Ireland as well. Understadning the past correctly, and using forensic skills to cut through the 'interpretations' can only make an identity stronger...

Scotland of Braveheart fame did not exist.. so why teach and believe in something that is a construct.. (I blame Walter Scott!)

Come on Neil... sock it to them!

Next people will have to cope with 'shocking' revelations that the Romans did not fight Scots Highlanders at Mons Graupius, that Culloden had Scots on both sides, that the Clearances was not an purely English atrocity. That our auld alliance with the French was perhaps a bit one sided... etc... Telling the truth.. and letting people understand the past... is not controversial, it is long overdue.

I look forward to the programme that starts tonight (get your iplayers ready) You have my vote Neil! :face-approve:

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
Sounds interesting, Mr Hostie. I will look at it on I-player, but I hope it does get shown down south, if only so that my chums understand why I turn an alarming shade of puce every time 'Braveheart' is mentioned.

Resistance is futile. Your project documentation will be MoRPHE-compliant.

for the prog details

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Wouldn't it be lovely if people learned from this!! Even if just to know how to consider evidence.

Although I do find that scottish people are likely to know these things than some of our neighbours, and other countries in the UK.

It does sound interesting Big Grin
i really enjoyed that, would have been nice to have something about the area south of Perth and north of the Solway, but what it covered was well done.

Would love to know what people from the rest of the UK thought about it, was it already known? Well-explained to people who arent scottish? Personally I would have liked some more information on exactly where the sites mentioned were, some of the Duns for example. Even refencing the nearest town would have helped me.
It was only on BBC Scotland, so no-one south of the border saw it.
Viewers of Sky or other digital television providers may have had access to regional variations outside of Scotland.

I thought it was excellent and an education!

'Mum!!! Can you get me the toilet roll, please!'

Noam Chomsky
I'll be watching this on iPlayer; all the fun of TV with none of the rubbish (or license fee).
Can't wait to see it south of the border,though if they say that Robert Bruce didn't talk to a spider in a cave i'll be very disapointed[:p]
Quick question: how did Alexander "Bell the Cat" Douglas,Earl of Angus get such a nick-name?
Loved it.... and of course this is part of a three pronged attack on mything Scotchland

it is on Radio Scotland ... (agains available online) and aslo online:

Where there is more to read.. and what you need too student@gla is here

Well done BBC and Neil... a properly researched, easy on the eyes, non condecending, truely fascinating, not to bland, honest, factual .... ! keep it up.

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."

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