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Comedy Blog.
was checking back on some links here.. and found this little cracker:


Seems like I am a pro collecting archaeologist, peddling good news stories and dissing other archaeologists ....


BAJR... where the truth matters and people can speak without worry of being shouted dowm. I am honoured to be part of a forum that can discuss. cheers to everyone, who put archaeology first. :face-approve:

just ignore him though - he is pretty harmless

edited... to remove link... I have to take my own advice... and ignore cheap shots

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
For really I think that the poorest he that is in England hath a life to live, as the greatest he
Thomas Rainborough 1647
Whatever we think about Mr Barford, the 'no looting of Iraq sites' did and still does have a whiff of BS about it. Try reading it again....
I did read it.. and the story quotes John Curtis (the BM curator of Middle Eastern dept as saying)
"he admitted he had been ?very surprised? by the team?s findings and cautioned that, while the survey covered the most important sites in an area equal to one-fifth of the country, it might not be representative. ?It may not be typical of the country as a whole, and the situation could well be worse further north,? he warned."

Which is not the same as saying there is no looting... it does however say that 8 sites that were visited have not been looted to the extent expected.... which is cause for celebration .. unless of course the person writing about it (from a desk in Poland) knows more than a BM curator who went to the actual sites.

To deny the damage and looting is mad.. but to say that southern Iraq looks better than the rest of the country .. every so often a bit of good news is welcome...

For terrible news (and there is plenty of that... read these sites..


(SAVE is one of those groups that you can't but support.. Smile )
They have a fascinating report here :
Patterns of looting in southern Iraq

This is interesting, as it compares satellite images to check before and after on sites in southern Iraq, but you have to note that the report does seem to show looting occurred after the invasion, during a period of chaos.. into 2005/6 the latest mission, led by the British Museum, shows that looting (at least in the 8 sites visited) has stopped. hat is not to say the sites were not looted - they make mention of old looting holes.. it is saying they are not being looted any more.

I have a great love for Iraq (and the Middle East) so I am more than happy that sites are becoming safer... don't even get me started on the use of monuments as military bases or insurgents using them as mortar emplacements, because they hoped that the coalition would not be able to fire back... or the destruction and bombing of architectural gems... I am still worried about the Arch of Ctesiphon

Its a complex situation, and should not be reduced to a simplistic obsessional rage...


"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
Quote:quoteConfusedouthern Iraq looks better than the rest of the country

Maybe 'less worse' would be a more appropriate turn of phrase. I'm also not sure how the team dated illegal diggings by their appearance in areas where sandstorms can occur. Silting up of a hole may not indicate any great age. Smacks a bit of spin to me.

Anyway, maybe you should take your own advice and just ignore the boy rather than linking him up to the bajr forum.

Quote:quote:I'm also not sure how the team dated illegal diggings by their appearance in areas where sandstorms can occur. Silting up of a hole may not indicate any great age.

Quote:quote:it compares satellite images to check before and after on sites in southern Iraq

I suspect there is a vast amount of satellite/aerial survey data going back several years. I think that the BM report was hedged enough in caveats to be clear that it only applied to a small portion of the counrty, and the news isn't all good.
vulpes.. you are indeed right...

I should listen to my advice and ignore goading .. it was quite nasty and false ... and made more hurtful by my connection to the region - I would be able to guess the age of a trench Smile

ta.. linked off

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."
I've been following Paul Barford's recent posts on Britarch regarding the activities of the collecting community and imo what he says makes a lot of sense. I don't agree with the comments he made about Hosty but before bajrites hang, draw and quarter him a pause for reflection may be in order. Even the best of people make mistakes and at times say/post things that they later regret.

[Image: skull1.gif]
Wise indeed Oz... I don't think he will ever say anything nice about me, which is a shame, as I am somehow painted as a person who is in cahoots with looters and the like..

My views are known, I am against any form of loss of info, and thats why I feel I can support the PAS and the UKDN, I can support community digs and commercial, get on just as well with Steve as I do with anyone else, listen to people who care about the past, and try to reason with those that don't... You can't please everyone...

I am looking forward to the results of the next Water Newton rally... as I hope to see how things have progressed... and I hope they have, otherwise by nobbling me, or anyone else that supports cooperation .. we as archaeologists are shooting ourselves in the foot, leg and head. Smile

Paul has many good points to make, it is perhaps the way he makes them.. and does not have to make others into monsters.

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."

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