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MoLAS Strike - BAJR Host - 29th June 2008

What were your thoughts on the MoLAS Strike?

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

MoLAS Strike - Dirty Dave Lincoln - 30th June 2008

This was a hard decision to make as my initial thought was "bout time something was done",but then the cynic in me thinks it won't change a thing.

MoLAS Strike - Dirty Dave Lincoln - 6th September 2008

Here is a thought on the subject of strike action-MOLAS people could manage to strike as they have the numbers to make some impact,but for the vast majority of diggers this would work against them as they work for smaller companies-even if all diggers went on strike it would not work due to the number of individual companies all competing against each other (six here and five there,that would have no impact)and especially as not all of them are IFA registered.:face-huh:

MoLAS Strike - monty - 23rd September 2008

how can they afford to lose pay while on strike !?

MoLAS Strike - Oxbeast - 24th September 2008

Perhaps they saw a days pay as an investment in the future on their profession. I don't think that anyone starved or got evicted because of that days lost pay :-)

MoLAS Strike - monty - 24th September 2008

Well i certainly would starve, a lost day's pay would even rule out the luxury of beans on toast every day of the last week of the month ! i kid thee not......

MoLAS Strike - BAJR Host - 6th October 2008

more reason to fight for better pay

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."

MoLAS Strike - Dirty Dave Lincoln - 7th October 2008

Very true that, though it's a mite difficult doing so from the dole office!

MoLAS Strike - BAJR Host - 7th October 2008

True as well... though if we ain't careful, then we will all be doing that.

"I don't have an archaeological imagination.."

MoLAS Strike - chiz - 9th October 2008

in reply to BAJR Host:
What were your thoughts on the MoLAS Strike?

I don't know if you can set out what the reasons for the strike were on this forum, plus any of the background or not. I know why it happened, and why it all came to a head after years, but many won't and the archaeological grapevine is notoriously prone to chinese whispers.

And as for those who say that they cannot afford to strike, well no, its never easy. But when it needs to be done, it needs to be done.