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The Silver Trowel Award - BAJR Host - 29th May 2008

Had a question today...

and had a look at the Awards pages for the BAA

....No sign of the Silver Trowel Award...

here is the list

Best Archaeological Project
Best Independent or Amateur Archaeological Project
Best Archaeological Book
Best Scholarly Archaeological Book
Best Archaeological TV/Radio Programme
Best Archaeological Discovery
Best Archaeological Innovation
Best ICT Project
Lifetime Achievement
Young Archaeologist of the Year (YAYA)

So I contacted the CBA... did not know..
So I contacted Neill Tools.. ( I just got another load of trowels in!) and they confirmed the prestigious trowel has been delivered
So I contacted the name who deals with the entries... no answer...

Heres the rub?? If there is no application to win the Award... and the applications end tommorrow ..... er... how can anyone win?


"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

The Silver Trowel Award - BAJR Host - 31st May 2008

er.... still to be confirmed... but it seems the

SILVER TROWEL AWARD has been imaginitively renamed

Best Archaeological Initiative Award
For an initiative leading to significant improvements in archaeological practice which facilitates new perceptions of the past

Though no-one thought to explain this coorporate speak - so did anyone know that the Silver Trowel Award had a name change? and would you have guessed which one of the awards was this most prestigious of awards.... baffling..

I have been informed that anyone wishing to put someone/institution forward for the Silver Trowel they can still do it for a week.... or shopuld I say the Best Archaeological Initiative Award Smile

It also seems that although the website says there are 14 awards there are only 10 now...

I hope to get more clarification next week...

Still... we have our Softy Trowel Award or should that be the Award for Perceptive stakeholder initiaitives working towards inclusivity within a community wellbeing award

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

The Silver Trowel Award - kevin wooldridge - 31st May 2008

I guess one example of archaeological initiative would be for someone/anyone to put themselves forward for a valuable prize that no-one else can be bothered with.....Could we get it renamed the 'Sad old cynic' award, so many more of us qualify?

I actually nominated someone for the Silver Trowel award a few years back and thought myself well pleased when they won it, only to get a load of grief from the recipient who thought the honour was 'patronising',.....oh tries.

The Silver Trowel Award - BAJR Host - 3rd June 2008

Turns out they got a consultant in to update the awards ... hope to hear more about it later..

That would explain the corporate speak. Smile

Stakeholder anyone?

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."

The Silver Trowel Award - historic building - 4th June 2008

The only stakeholder I want to see is Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

The Silver Trowel Award - BAJR Host - 10th January 2009

Just to round off this thread...

Shurely Shome Mishtake! :face-huh:

I received this email -- when I asked about it... seemed to clear things up

Quote:quote:David, The Silver Trowel will be given for almost exactly the same category as before - the best archaeological innovative project. To be honest, in all the haste to get out the notice we omitted to make this clear.
with a bit about... the name changes.

Quote:quote:There have been various statements to the effect that there has been a review and changes have been made,.... just not sure I can lay my hand on them at the moment.

Well that seemed to clear it up... :face-huh:

The Silver Trowel was for the best archaeological innovative project and it had been made clear somewhere.. just not sure where.

Guess what... had a look at the Silver Trowel Award...
went to.... Clive Orton.. er... ah........
Lifetime Achievement Award.

Oh well... just as well thats clear now...

congrads to whoever won whatever for doing something Big Grin

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