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Artefact / Site / Monument - RCAHMS Seminar - BAJR Host - 10th April 2008

Jsut been at an all day seminar at the RCAHMS ... possibly one of the most exciting seminars I have ever been at! With 30 of the best people (and me) thinking about the way we should consider information - access - relationships to sites and artefacts

I will try and get it all down.. I took lots of notes... but to give an idea...

A coin has a current location, a discovery point, a use, a creation an origin... imagine mapping that!

Imagine looking for a pictish stone, then relating that to records, to images to GIS... WHOW.... thanks to Beccy Jones and Ian Ralston for organising this... ps... Steven Carter's and Ann Brundle's talks... amazing!

Sally Foster! what a concept!

you can tell I am excited! As Steven said.... We have a point!

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."