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Diggers Forum : Campaign for a Living Wage - BAJR Host - 30th October 2007

A brief update on the Campaign for a Living Wage: after sending out the initial campaign poster back in March , we waited to see what level of response we received from the fifty or so unit directors it was mailed to. Initially, not to our great surprise, the response was muted to say the least.

We decided to follow things up with a letter addressed directly to unit managers (also attached), which was sent out in September. The response to the letter has been far more encouraging. We've had several responses, many of whom have replied in detail and the majority have been supportive of what we're trying to achieve. We've also had a message of support from the CBA, who along with Rescue have expressed a willingness to support the campaign/Forum. I'm still receiving replies, but I imagine everything that's going to turn up will have arrived in the next month or so. Once we've collated info from all replies, we'll summarise the response in a new poster. We'll also be meeting with reps from Prospect, IFA and David Connolly from BAJR to see how we can step up the campaign and keep the momentum going.

We'll also organise the next, long-delayed Forum meeting, with a view to discussing the campaign in a public arena. In the meantime it would be good to hear any feedback about the campaign or other relevant issues, so please don't hesitate to get in touch....

Tel: 020 7410 2242

IFA guidelines state that as a Special Interest Group we have to hold an AGM. We had planned to hold the AGM in conjunction with our next general meeting, but we've had to put that on hold for the time being.

The AGM will be held on Tuesday 4th of December 2007 at 6.30 pm. We've booked the upstairs room in the Kings Head pub in London, which is located at:

Kings Head Yard
45-49 Borough High St
London SE1

The pub is about five minutes walk from London Bridge station; about one minute walk from the Borough High St exit from London Bridge tube station.

The AGM meeting will only take half an hour or so, so we wouldn't expect people to travel in from far and wide, but it would be great if Forum members who live locally can come along. We fully intend to have a few beers and make an evening of it once we've sorted out the business side of things.

There is a serious side to the meeting though. At the moment we're not managing to achieve anywhere near as much as we would like. There's three of us running the Forum as members of the executive committee and a volunteer group of seven, who help out with editing duties when they can. However, we're all trying to fit this stuff in round full time jobs, so time is always limited. We would very much like to get more people involved on a regular basis so we can step things up a gear or two. There are currently up to four spaces that need to be filled on the executive committee (must be IFA members). I've attached a nomination form - if you're interested in taking on one of the positions, please fill out the form and post (or fax) to me at:

J. Taylor

C/O Museum of London Archaeology Service
46 Eagle Wharf Rd.
N1 7ED

NB Please get forms back to me by Friday 16th of November 2007

As well as the four exec. committee posts, we would also like to extend the volunteer group to include more people who would be able to help run the Forum on a regular basis (membership of the IFA not necessary). It would be especially helpful if we could find volunteers who live locally enough (to London) that they'd be able to meet up on a fairly regular basis - say once a month or so. We know we need to avoid becoming too 'London-centric', but we've found that being able to meet up face to face tends to makes life easier than relying on phone and email. If any of you think you may be able to help out, please feel free to email me, or call on 07951 024197 or 0207 410 2242, and I can explain in detail how we're trying to move things on.

Tel: 020 7410 2242

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