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Deleted Topic - BAJR Host - 3rd July 2007

Yup.... you may have noticed an entire thread... gone...

Well... those that know will understand, and those that don't will wonder...

If people have complaints, but don't like the reply, don't pick out bits and post them online - you contact me again, its only polite.

Here is the relevant section:

Complaints procedure
If you, as a member of the Forum, or the general public feels that these conditions have been breached, then the following procedure should be followed.

1) Contact the Administrator
2) Outline the nature of your complaint, stating clearly which post, by which member and on which thread.
3) The complaint will be reviewed and action to be taken will be discussed with both parties.

This is the only way an appeal will be heard.

In this case the complaint was a matter of perception, but on talking to the originator of the post - they prefered it was removed rather than continued and had apologised. Looking at the rules and regs.. this part of the AUP was the most relevant.

"Just remember that this forum is public, and as such anyone- including children - will have access to this site. Refrain from bad language, sexual, religious or racial jokes and think before posting."

So lets call it quits - apologies to those that posted on the thread however to disentangle the bits would have rendered it nonsense.

thanks :face-huh:

"No job worth doing was ever done on time or under budget.."