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Three Dead Chasing Treasure - Stephen Jack - 26th June 2017

Before anyone replies to this, (chances of that are? small) please follow through on each episode to avoid the obvious reply.
I made these videos to stop people getting killed, somehow I think this death toll will increase. I had intended to take a couple of months putting them together but events tend to change things and two months became two days.

The Art of Treasure Hunting 1 Thinking

The Art of Treasure Hunting 2 Context

The Art of Treasure Hunting 3 TTOTC Knowing

RE: Three Dead Chasing Treasure - Marc Berger - 4th July 2017

police are involved

I didn't fully get the connection between context and this treasure hunt possibly because I am not sure archaeological context is predetermined where as the treasure hunt appears to be and then not sure predetermination/ post determination matters. This type of finding treasure seems to be about thinking out another person (psychological context?) . The geomorphology of the Tees river is being unravelled by the archaeology not sure its being unravelled first and the archaeology second, might have to ask the Romans....

This treasure hunt reminds me of geocaching which seemed popular few years ago, came across this:

RE: Three Dead Chasing Treasure - BAJR - 8th July 2017

aye... tis a quiet place here.

Things go...

RE: Three Dead Chasing Treasure - Dinosaur - 10th July 2017

(8th July 2017, 10:35 AM)BAJR Wrote: ...tis a quiet place here...

Been busy - expect I could look in occasionally if you're getting lonely? (and when I've figured out your re-vamped site...erm, how do I post this...ah, sussed it...)

How come I'm now a junior member???? Used to be a Grand Lord of something or other... Huh