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Xmas ball and archsoc students - archae_logical - 7th December 2005

Quote:quote:Originally posted by troll

Something a bit shocking though-not one of them I nattered with had even heard of the good old BAJR! Whats goin on? Jobs, resources,links,opinions and of course-all the material one needs for an assignement on professional studies taboot! Methinks it`s high time that BAJR became a household name amongst the new generation of archies and heritage professionals.

I keep trying to spread the word down here but my one contact with an archae student shows they may not have a lot of time. Essays every two weeks to hand in and masses of reading to do. Then they have an exam next week as well as exams in January. (Glad I'm not studying archaeology Big Grin )
I will try to spread the word up in Lampeter if I get the chance.
I'm not sure if anyone on my course is into heritage yet but I'll tell them about BAJR just in case. Big Grin


Xmas ball and archsoc students - srd123 - 7th December 2005

I find that the vast majority of people on my UG course hadn't heard of BAJR despite us not having that much work at all compared to many unis.
Likewise, talking to fellow post grads, virtually no one has heard of BAJR when I mention it.

I think I got here by typing random archaeological phrases (e.g. "for the love of god won't someone please give me a job") into google rather than via any kind of structured publicity.

Xmas ball and archsoc students - troll - 7th December 2005

Good grief! Looks like we have some work to do! I remember the days of looming hand-in dates only too well-having said that, how long does it take to pin a short note to the notice boards? Thanx you guys-lets spread da gospel!Big Grin

Xmas ball and archsoc students - mercenary - 7th December 2005

Imagine how big this could become if the word gets out to the universities. The mind boggles. Hope the lecturers start tuning in as well. We might actually be able to start a dialogue.

Xmas ball and archsoc students - littleyellowidol - 7th December 2005

Shocking indeed! Actually, now I come to think of it, my mentions of BAJR have generally met with uncomprehending stares. Once again, could use be made of my position in a Department library?

"Kick a megalith and it hurts."

Xmas ball and archsoc students - leg11aug - 7th December 2005

Greetings all, I've had a similar experience at this institution. to such a degree in fact that I've been thinking of writing some sort of blurb about BAJR to hand out to our archsoc at one of their seminars, I know the committee and I'm sure they'd be fine with it.
What do you think? A sort of "BAJR Mission Statement"..a general, printed, overview of what the bajr is, does, doesn't etc.. I'd have to run it past you first,Mr Hosty, obviously. (Or does such a thing already exist and I've just not seen it?) I'd appreciate peoples thoughts on this one, word of mouth just doesn't seem to be doing it here.

throwing in the trowel..

Xmas ball and archsoc students - rachstebbs - 7th December 2005

I keep trying to tell fellow students about BAJR, but they look at me like I'm a little bit too excited about it...Big Grin I actually found the website through the links on Bradford's web pages. Think it is also on York's website, but don't know about the rest.[?]

Xmas ball and archsoc students - leg11aug - 7th December 2005

Exactly the reaction I get!, that's why I thought maybe print something vaguely "official" looking.

throwing in the trowel..

Xmas ball and archsoc students - troll - 7th December 2005

Absofundamentalutely! I also agree that Mr Hosty would be the man to write the blurb.Not passing the buck here (as if he did`nt have enough to do) but Mr Hosty should really define his own site for the purposes of leaflets/posters etc. Tiz High time that colleges/Universities saw the value of an outstanding archaeological resource-one that does`nt appear to be finite either!

Xmas ball and archsoc students - leg11aug - 7th December 2005

Yeah, that does look a bit cheeky now I re-read it, sorry[:I] didn't mean to define it, just vaguely describe it! But you're right, it's a job for the Guv'nor! I'm still up for distribution duties though. Smile

throwing in the trowel..