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why do some posts ? - P Prentice - 19th December 2014

why do some posts display as long
ms rath

why do some posts ? - BAJR - 20th December 2014

I wish I knew... can you find me some examples... can they be viewed normally sometimes? and what are you viewing them on.. Smile

I don't ask for much

why do some posts ? - kevin wooldridge - 20th December 2014

I have this problem sometimes, but not on every computer and not with every message. I think it has something to do with view size as set by the three stripes at the top right of the computer screen and the default view set of the computer. Adjusting one or other of these normally restores messages to a readable fashion....

why do some posts ? - Marc Berger - 6th May 2015

Hosty this is still going on. It the bajr feberation news banner causing it, if not the adverts. Any chance off losing it?

why do some posts ? - Marc Berger - 6th May 2015

just get rid of that banner will U. Its telling us to join the discussion when we have already joined. Whats the point.

Look hosty if you don't get rid of that banner I will start taking the psi out of I will do it in the manner that I was hoping to attract with our diatribe about self employment but golly gee its pretty obvious that if you even say boo in the general direction of stratification theory that its author is going to blab. You wont read this on facebook

why do some posts ? - Dinosaur - 7th May 2015

Marc Berger Wrote:Its telling us to join the discussion when we have already joined

...or we're not planning to....

why do some posts ? - GnomeKing - 7th May 2015

no issues at all here >> what hardware/browser are you all using ? (no issues on XP/win7 pc with firefox(+add-ons)) > is it iphone related :/ ?)

why do some posts ? - Marc Berger - 8th May 2015

Ahriman arh the advert seems to have disappeared and things appear better..but it's still a stupid banner

why do some posts ? - Marc Berger - 9th May 2015

Arrherrrrr You get the advert in the post before login on and the thread is unreadable but the advert and the problem seems to disappear after loggin in. I still don't see the point of the banner join the discussion.