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Heritage makes you happy - BAJR - 13th November 2014

BANR news Has just posted the following article:

Taking part in heritage is good for our happiness and wellbeing, according to this year’s Heritage Counts report published yesterday by English Heritage on behalf of England’s leading heritage organisations, the Historic Environment Forum. Heritage Counts 2014 proves the vital role heritage plays in our national life by measuring its value and impact on individuals and communities....

Click here to read the full article.

So does it make a difference? does it matter. is a happy population - value for money? Can this be used to support Councils? or Museums faced with closure... does this matter at all when it comes to commercial work? should there be a balance of misery?

So many questions..

Heritage makes you happy - Marc Berger - 14th November 2014

Utter rubbish. Hopefully the archaeologists in eh will be transferred to the new no hope Stonehenge management pension grabbers and we can get down to seriously taking the pee out of any government who think that eh represents archaeology.

Putting the negative side back into the fairy story.

Heritage makes you happy - BAJR - 15th November 2014

God bless you... so you don't think this document can be used for good ( apart from the irony of the current EH split)

Heritage makes you happy - P Prentice - 17th November 2014

very useful tool for institutions to demonstrate why tax payers should keep funding them

Heritage makes you happy - Marc Berger - 17th November 2014

Rubbish is pretty much my response to the word "heritage" which is pretty similar to doing archaeology being part of the world of caring for living plants and animals. The document might be "good" for heritage but don't think heritage is good for or bothered by field archaeology. Heritage expects me to come across as in agreement with mostly estate management how to sell tourists old tat as part of economic growth. You just know that there will some bazaar meaningless statements and fundamentally just plain wrong everything produced by this non organization. It appears to congratulate the ifa on becoming chartered, hooo the prestige of being in the same boat as a Chartered Quality Professional. The only good thing about this document that makes me happy is its celebration of the loss of the historic environment jobs

"Since 2003 the number of conservation officers has decreased by 18% and archaeology officers 13%.The fall in historic environment employment since its peak in 2006 translates to 32% decrease overall, by 35% for conservation officers and 26% for archaeological officers."

All this great happiness in jobs loss and chartered ness, to be fair if anybody can be bothered to try and read it through to page 45 will find hidden away that all this mirth does not lead to any great happiness claim.

it actually says that Happiness/ Wellbeing Average happiness score (2012/13and 2013/14) is Unchanged. with 8.0 for heritage participants and 7.6 for non-participants. I feel robbed, what only an 8 please dont ever try to expline what a happines/welling average means is.

If any thing 2014 has been much better year than 2013 in field archaeology and that's without all those environmental officers to pull us down.

Heritage makes you happy - WesleyByrd - 10th January 2015

Utter waste. Assuredly the archeologists in eh will be exchanged to the new no trust Stonehenge administration benefits grabbers and we can get down to genuinely taking the pee out of any legislature who surmise that eh speaks to prehistoric studies. Putting the negative side go into the pixie story.

Heritage makes you happy - Wax - 10th January 2015

From a purely selfish point of view Heritage makes me happy (and pays some of the bills) Smile

But in the wider scheme of things I would be a lot happier if I knew the National Health System and my old age pension were still going to be there when I need them. Sad