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Comedy Detectorist? - BAJR - 31st January 2014

Mackenzie Crook to play metal detector enthusiast in one of four new BBC4 comedies

Crook draws on his own experiences as an amateur archaeologist with the six-part Detectorists, can reveal.

This could be terrible for so so many reasons... making fun of detectorists for one: as they "embark on a journey of greed, betrayal, rejection and redemption as they hurtle towards Danbury Metal Detecting Club’s greatest ever find,”

I suspect archaeologists will be represent in a touching and funny way as well. ( possibly mad hair/beard/stripy Jersey or tweed.. ) Well if you can't laugh at yourself...

So lets see!

[Image: 45281.jpg]

Comedy Detectorist? - Dinosaur - 31st January 2014

Shall be treating it as a training film, by the sounds of it Big Grin

- although the 'it goes bleep' school of archaeological detecting got me 5 coins pre-stripping today before rain stopped play Cool

Comedy Detectorist? - BAJR - 31st January 2014


I have a detector for my sites and am now going out on training with a local detectorist.

Comedy Detectorist? - GnomeKing - 1st February 2014

long live detecting Smile