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Upwards to 2014 - BAJR - 23rd December 2013

Just a quick review of where we seem to be in archaeology.

Feel free to disagree - but in general I see a range of projects taking place across the UK with enough work for everyone.... yep... everyone I have talked to ( except a couple of medium sized companies) agree that work is not just picking up - but consistent and growing. Hence this is the time to recognise a boom in plenty of time and act like grown ups. £50 watching Briefs damage us all. cut price evaluations create cut price archaeology and devalue our best chance to be seen as a professional group that is worth a bit more than current rates.

I seriously hope that as BAJR and the IfA create a fair pay system. that everyone follows this route. leaving those that want to charge next to nothing - after all.... " a job's a job! " looking like the archaeological equivalent of a pound shop.

Don't put up with second rate. -- My request for a new year resolution with bite

There is no need to skimp on the conditions either. Where there this is accommodation and/or travel and expenses. Be reasonable and don't think a 5* hotel is what is demanded, but think of a workforce that is well rested and appreciated rather than a disposable commodity that is there only to make up numbers and shift soil. And the workforce should work with the company, bot see it as an enemy who only wants to fill a bank balance in Switzerland - in the main, this really is so far from the truth, that management are often - in real terms - worse off than site staff for more stress and longer hours. Let 2014 be the time we work together.

In short. 2014 has the potential to be the year we changed commercial archaeology for the better. I have worked 15 years for this. and many others have put in similar dedication. Now is the time ... Have a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year Wink


Upwards to 2014 - P Prentice - 23rd December 2013

i would merry christmas you back but i have got so much work i'm even thinking of employing unit!

Upwards to 2014 - kevin wooldridge - 23rd December 2013

Hope everyone has a great holiday...2013 was not so bad and 2014 is looking promising. Good health and good luck to you all.

Oh and thanks Maggie and David for keeping us BAJR'd in 2013. May you both go from strength to strength.....

Upwards to 2014 - Tool - 23rd December 2013

In a rare bout of seasonal conviviality (and not a drop of drink in sight!) I'll agree with all the above and wish you all a merry Christmas/happy holiday/whatever floats your boat and a prosperous 2014.

Upwards to 2014 - Dinosaur - 24th December 2013

P Prentice Wrote:i would merry christmas you back but i have got so much work i'm even thinking of employing unit!

Is Unit on the market? We'll shortly be scraping whatever's left in the barrel after you've finished emptying it Sad

Yup, tis that time of year again, off for a yuletide ale once I've posted this, for once can get away with doing the Toon in full s**te-weather gear/leathers, don't think the white-T-shirt-in-all-weathers crew will be out tonight - lightweights! Cool


Upwards to 2014 - monty - 3rd January 2014

Well put Mr Bajr and yes let's hope the changes really do come :face-approve:

Upwards to 2014 - Dinosaur - 4th January 2014

The work already seems to be here/impending, discussions in the office on which tenders to ignore as being a waste of time [those where we'll obviously be undercut by people based within walking distance, so why spend a week of pain] - by all accounts this is becoming a national dilemma (see e.g. PPs comments above), biggest problem's going to be divvying-up the depleted pool of diggers, so in the medium term could be good for wages

Upwards to 2014 - Jack - 7th January 2014

Time to fire up the rapid-growth digger cloning vats! - storm trooper-esq PPE already on order

Upwards to 2014 - Wax - 7th January 2014

Really missing Mr Cartoon Reality; would love to see his take on legions of archaeological Storm Troopers in advanced PPE marching on the route of HS 2 }Smile

Upwards to 2014 - Dinosaur - 7th January 2014

My 2014 seems to be going sideways so far this week, task on Tues postponed to whenever, task on Weds put back to Thurs...clients!! other professions have to put up with this? :face-crying: