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Digitised Diseases - BAJR - 8th December 2013

One for the osteos to share
[Image: safe_image.php?d=AQB9eyQ7x-If0rzz&w=154&]

This project, supported by Jisc, will use 3D laser scanning, CT scans and high resolution photography together with new clinical descriptions and historical illustrations to create a web-accessible archive of photo-realistic digital 3D models of pathological type-specimens. The skeleton collections used in the project will be from internationally renowned collections that have restricted access and are therefore usually only seen by students and researchers.
The project will create a unique educational tool that will appeal to various disciplines including clinicians, medical trainees, medical historians, archaeologists, osteologists and palaeopathologists, as well as enriching the public understanding of anatomy and medical science.
Project leader Dr Andrew Wilson, senior lecturer in Archaeological Sciences at the University of Bradford, said: “The project will also play a crucial role in conserving a resource that is otherwise under threat from damage. Pathological specimens are often the most handled bones within skeletal collections and yet they are also the most fragile.