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Northamptonshire Archaeology - Unitof1 - 4th July 2013

you see folks the original Museum of London Act 1965 had a section 11 11. Board to be exempt charity for purposes of Charities Act 1960.

to me the wording alone say that what ever the "museum of London" is, it is a "board" (which I have a feeling is something that star trek have been worried about for years) anyway section 11 got repealed in 1993. So basically section 11 was taken out and nothing was put back in its place

It seems then the definition of what the board can consider itself should be in its act. which according to the 1960s act "so far as they are charities, are exempt charities". We must ask how far

There is the 1993 charities act which says
Quote:schedule 2 The following institutions, so far as they are charities, are exempt charities
Then theres schedule 7 which reiterates that it is repealing the museum of Londons 1965 act section 11

which said

Quote:11Board to be exempt charity for purposes of Charities Act 1960Schedule 2 to the Charities Act 1960 (by virtue of which, together with section 4 of that Act, the institutions so far as they are charities, mentioned in the list contained in that Schedule are exempt charities within the meaning of that Act) shall have effect with the addition after paragraph (g) of that list of the following paragraph:—
“(h)the Board of Governors of the Museum of London”.

Am I making sense if I say that the board of governors of the museum of London is not allowed to call themselves an exempt charity any more but that as far as they have an statutory act which actually has removed their ability to call themselves anything but a board of governors. And taking a leaf from the Heritage acts which seem to say what these ex-exempt enteritis can and cannot do, there is nothing in the Museum of Londons board of governors remit that says that they can go around creating "charities" (so far and so forth).

oh and then there is what is Northampton Archaeology. Is there somewhere in Northampton council even a back of an envelope anything which says what they are or aren't?

Northamptonshire Archaeology - Hamish - 4th July 2013

Unit maybe interested to read the contents of this link if it works

Museum of London Archaeology
Report and Consolidated Financial Statements
Period Ended 31 March 2012
Company Number 07751831
Charity Number 1143574

Northamptonshire Archaeology - BAJR - 4th July 2013

Just how far from the origins can we travel Smile

Northamptonshire Archaeology - Unitof1 - 4th July 2013

Thanks Hamish, may I refer you to my response of the 30th July.
Hosty I presume that you are referring to how far from the origins it is that some apparent charity takes over some form of council department based on the statute

Quote:The Board may, subject to the provisions of this Act, do all such things as they think necessary or expedient for those purposes and their functions under this Act.

(3)Without prejudice to the generality of subsection (2) above, for the purposes mentioned in subsection(1) above the Board may-”

(a)provide archaeological services and undertake archaeological investigations and research in connection with land in London

yes the molas charity says that it can undercut work any where in England and wales. Obviously it does not want to subsidies bankrupt units in Scotland and NI.

Northamptonshire Archaeology - Hamish - 4th July 2013

Unitof1 Wrote:Thanks Hamish, may I refer you to my response of the 30th July
sorry I missed that 30th June posting when I quickly skim reread the thread

Northamptonshire Archaeology - monty - 2nd August 2013

Metromola never did have any offices outside London(an address don't make an office!) ....nor to my knowledge did they ever win any contracts just subbed labour to other units here and there.....

Northamptonshire Archaeology - Dinosaur - 2nd August 2013

Never did understand that practice - surely it's cheaper just to employ people direct?