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Northamptonshire Archaeology - NWA - 19th June 2013

Greetings BAJR-lings,

Having made a pig's ear of their previous attempts to break out of Greater London, I hear that MOLA are now in the process of buying Northamptonshire Archaeology from the cash-strapped county council.

Whilst MOLA are great at doing high-value urban archaeology and employ some amazing people, the only thing I can realistically say to any NA staff out there is 'god help you'.

over and out.........

Northamptonshire Archaeology - kevin wooldridge - 19th June 2013

A tad unfair I think......the last few years has seen a marked lack of interest in archaeology by the county authorities. MoLA's involvement would seem at the very least to be a vote of confidence in the staff of NA..

Northamptonshire Archaeology - NWA - 19th June 2013

Kevin, I very much doubt that MOLA have any interest in the staff at all - they only want NA's share of the archaeology market.

Northamptonshire Archaeology - NWA - 19th June 2013

I'm off now, but I'm sure people will have lots to say - so I look forward to re-engaging with this tomorrow!

Northamptonshire Archaeology - BAJR - 19th June 2013

Quote:I very much doubt that MOLA have any interest in the staff at all - they only want NA's share of the archaeology market.

an opinion from someone. as a matter of some real interest. surely having the interest of staff will be at the back of any company wanting to do well and expand like this.

MOLA are not really an evil multi-national. :face-confused:

Northamptonshire Archaeology - Dinosaur - 20th June 2013

Hopefully the staff at NA will set up their own company, having been treated as a saleable commodity by their current employers, and take their client book with them? :face-stir:

Northamptonshire Archaeology - NWA - 20th June 2013

Wise words from BAJR and Dinosaur. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens - the MOLA trustees still have to sign off on the deal and they may decide that it goes against their charitable aims.......

Northamptonshire Archaeology - BAJR - 20th June 2013

Now there is a possibility...

I know where you can get a good price on tools Wink

Northamptonshire Archaeology - Unitof1 - 30th June 2013

is the take over by MOLA or metromola or the museum of london. Mola have issued accounts and the museum of london for the first time ever with the charity commision. The accounts are not very clear possibly about why who is what ,what you might expect for a first attempt. A million pound loan is involved and there does not seem to be any mention of rents

theres a lot of high paid people at this museum, it does not say what they do. They got in about 25 million for the year but were only able to move on 30 million rather than 40 million the year before. This seems to be because they have a bit of a pension deficit thingy going on. I am not sure about this bit but they think that they will have it sorted out in twenty years time and the bit I am not sure about is that they will need to put 12 million? a year into it-cant be The biggest number what I saw in this account was about £62million. They seem to think bumping mola out is a good thing. The mola accounts dont say much about pensions except that short term staff can take pension holidays between periods of employment.

Northamptonshire Archaeology - NWA - 1st July 2013

The takeover is by MOLA. From what I have heard, MOLA are no longer using metromola as the 'front' for their regional work. Whilst metromola still exists as a registered company, I believe that the staff taken on have either quit or been made redundant...........