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North Worcestershire Archaeology Group - Gilraen - 10th June 2013

The North Worcestershire Archaeology Group (NorthWAG) has recently updated its website:

This is a community archaeology group, non profit-making (of course), who publish a lot of their work. Any comments on the website welcome.

North Worcestershire Archaeology Group - Sith - 10th June 2013

Er, I don't know what we've done to upset them but I got a very strange admin pop up when I tried to view that.

North Worcestershire Archaeology Group - John Wells - 10th June 2013

Will any members of the Group be attending the remote sensing meeting in Worcester in July?

North Worcestershire Archaeology Group - Gilraen - 13th June 2013

Hi Sith,

Strange, the link works fine for me, do you want to try it again?

John - I'll ask them!

North Worcestershire Archaeology Group - Gilraen - 13th June 2013

Hi Sith,

I think we have figured out the problem with the link at your end.

The NorthWAG site was basically redesigned for two main reasons:

a) It was looking a little out-dated.

b) It was being hacked to death.

The new site, however, wasn't immune to hacking, although with the new capabilities we had, we managed to block certain countries from accessing the site. Blocking China (where most of the hack attempts came from) was a good result, but then hack attempts were still coming from the USA and the Netherlands (a good 'staging post' for many rogue IP addresses).

Therefore, the web site can now only be accessed in the UK (we blocked every country except UK to be on the 'safe side'), which is - I know - not in keeping with the world wide web philosophy, although at the moment we are trying to keep the hacking attempts at bay after our experience with the old site.

So to conclude, if you are outside the UK, this is the reason, but there are many reasons why it may not pick up if you are in the UK, and we need to know about these. After what you've said, we had a look at the site and the message you get is a bit severe so are going to change the wording!!

Gil xx