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Rural Life in an Urban and Industrial World - BAJR - 9th March 2013

Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th, April 2013.
Centre for Historical Archaeology
University of Leicester

Now an annual event, this conference will provide a lively and informal forum for the presentation and discussion of current postgraduate and early career researchers taking a material approach to the study of the later historical period, and will highlight the strength and diversity of current research. This year’s conference will adopt a thematic approach focusing on the study of rural life in urban and industrialized worlds. Although current research has largely focused on the urban experience during the later historical period, this conference seeks papers using material approaches to explore life in rural contexts within urban and industrialized worlds.The Centre for Historical Archaeology actively promotes interdisciplinary connections and welcomes contributions from archaeologists as well as researchers outside of the discipline of archaeology.

The conference provides an opportunity for participants to present their research and gain constructive feedback from a friendly and interested audience. We warmly invite everyone to come and hear about current work within the field, to participate in discussion and provide valuable feedback to new researchers.

This year’s conference will span over two days with the first devoted to presentations and the second comprising a discussion-based workshop with the aim to create a statement on the current state of research and future directions of study.

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