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Fixtures and Fittings - Bodger51 - 19th September 2012

Are fixtures and fittings a process of heritage branding, or branding heritage?

What is the occupational marketing potential for income streams?

Ask a smithy, or farrier about their work, and its training and every bead of sweat.

But does this connect urbanity and ruralised SME markets?

Fixtures and Fittings - Unitof1 - 19th September 2012

we have waited a long time for something. thank you for this

so long as income streams are liquid and marketing is occupational, potential is what?

let SMe work for the E

no I am afraid smithy / farrier they are also runs of the iron age stuck in the past, really apart from curating their language
theres only sentimentalty to be found in sweat

Quote:urbanity and ruralised

like we know the difference or foxes care

Fixtures and Fittings - Bodger51 - 20th September 2012

I suppose then we are talking about internet advertising and websitedomains.

Ah well.

You built it first, so the prerogatives remains your own.