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Jobs jobs jobs !! - monty - 6th August 2012

Well bugger me if there ain't loads of jobs advertised....what is happening ?..........................

Jobs jobs jobs !! - Unitof1 - 6th August 2012

theres nobody left, time to put your prices up.

Jobs jobs jobs !! - BAJR - 6th August 2012

damn right Smile

Jobs jobs jobs !! - pyewackett - 7th August 2012

I think there may be a lot of diggers who have been working in other areas completely unrelated to archaeology and are now finding it hard to return to an industry that pays so poorly and the contracts are often very short. I'm working in social housing now, but I miss the world of commercial archaeology so much. Not simply the work and all the challenges that presented but also unique working environment of a professional dig. . . . Sighs! :face-crying:

Jobs jobs jobs !! - Oxbeast - 7th August 2012

Albion are offering permanent contracts on local government T&Cs if that helps, pyewackett.

Jobs jobs jobs !! - BAJR - 7th August 2012

One of the few permanent digging jobs...

Jobs jobs jobs !! - pyewackett - 7th August 2012

Hell's teeth! That will teach me not to read the advert! I shall have a go at that! Thanks chaps.

Jobs jobs jobs !! - monty - 7th August 2012

At last there maybe a chance to earn more than a pittance and actually have a life as opposed to an existence.........

Jobs jobs jobs !! - Dinosaur - 8th August 2012

....until the next financial crash....

Jobs jobs jobs !! - Kel - 8th August 2012

When was that not the case Dino? We're both old enough to have survived several economic boom & bust cycles. They come, they go, the world still turns. Such is capitalism. It's not the end of all things, just a period of adaptation each time for us ants. Chin up, chap! Good times are just around the corner, pack up yer troubles, there'll be bluebirds over, etc.

Permanent local government archaeology jobs (regardless of how long that permanence actually lasts) is a reason to be cheerful!