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Engineer for Troll wanted - troll - 5th June 2012

Just been to see Prometheus in 3D. I want their kit! I want the survey kit and the dating kit! Build me that kit! Big Grin

Engineer for Troll wanted - CARTOON REALITY - 5th June 2012

Is there grant money available?

And what's the verdict, was the film any good?

Engineer for Troll wanted - kevin wooldridge - 6th June 2012

The laser scanning flying things are quite impressive although I couldn't quite work out how they synchronised with each other and a geodesic system...especially as in general members of the exploration party did not appear to possess either a GPS system or the concept of a GPS system amongst them 'We have been wandering around for hours and we're back to where we started' said the project survey co-ordinator just before being attacked by the worms.....As for the dating system.....piffle.

Engineer for Troll wanted - CARTOON REALITY - 6th June 2012

Quote:As for the dating system.....piffle.
What sort of dating was that? Speed dating? Blind dating? And how do the worms fit into a steady relationship?

But the question is did you enjoy the film? Is it worth my while parting with my dineros to go see it? I loved Alien and Aliens, but after that it was a bit of a dead loss. Then they brought in Predator and it went to the dogs.

Engineer for Troll wanted - P Prentice - 6th June 2012

duh brain - piffle = precision investigation for felatioid logistical elements - and if you dont believe me you can ask bodger

Engineer for Troll wanted - Dinosaur - 6th June 2012

How long till its all on TV?

Engineer for Troll wanted - CARTOON REALITY - 6th June 2012

Six foot two (approx.)

You should never sit too near a TV.

Engineer for Troll wanted - kevin wooldridge - 6th June 2012

I thought it was rubbish.....waste of money both in the making and watching. But I saw the 2D version cos I can't handle 3d specs so it might be better if monsters are bursting out at yer!!

Engineer for Troll wanted - troll - 6th June 2012

Greetings all!
Twas a film that managed to blend archaeology,theology, aliens, DNA, origins, space travel and other stuff into the mix. In no apparent order;

1. Made by Ridley Scott
2. It kept me out of the rain
3. Sexy archaeo-technology
4. Cool landscapes
5. Cool beasties

1. Scott totally failed to use 3D to what could have been amazing effect
2. Scott basically re-jigged the Alien trilogy plot
3. He cast characters cloned from the original Alien films
4. The film totally lacked suspense
5. Sigourney Weaver in pants wasn`t in it
6. No-one shouted "get away from her you bitch"
7. There was no yellow forklift fighty-thing
8. No caustic snot
9. Too many poor attempts at being theologically profound
10. A naff plot
11. Spacecraft was clearly made from fairy bottles and airfix paint.
12. Bloke behind me kept farting

Engineer for Troll wanted - Kel - 6th June 2012

I saw it last night and enjoyed it as an accompaniment to my popcorn. It's best to watch it as a stand-alone film - don't expect it to be a recognisable part of the Alien franchise or to enliven any existing plot threads. Just look forward to some monsters, chasing about and a bit of gore. And must-have archaeological gadgets.

I was watching it with a film effects person-turned-director who gave it 10/10 for visuals, which is good enough for me. However another friend said "It looks like they ran out of ideas before they ran out of money." Style over substance possibly.

2-D for me as I don't see in 3-D anyway. I can imagine some of those bits being pretty good in 3-D when one's visual cortex is up to it.