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CBA Festival Posters now Online - BAJR - 5th June 2012

The posters for 2012 are now available for download for free! We have A4 and A3 versions in both English and Welsh, to which you can add your own event details to save and print. Plus A3 and A4 general posters highlighting the Festival (English only).

Get them from the Marketing Essentials or Downloadable Posters pages, also with instructions on how to change and format your text.

For A5 posters, just use the A4 versions, but change your printer settings to 2 per page.

Right click on the following links to save the document to your computer, then open in Abode Reader.
In English:A4 English poster (PDF 333K A3 English poster (PDF 2.80M
General poster:General A4 poster – with Festival text (PDF 175K General A3 poster – with Festival text (PDF 6.5M
In Welsh (Y Gymraeg)A4 Welsh poster (PDF 844K A3 Welsh poster (PDF 2.85M

You can add your own event details in the whitespace, and can even copy & paste them directly from a Word or other document. You can change the text size, font and style through the Adobe Reader menu. Highlight the text and choose ‘View > Toolbars > Properties’ (or Ctrl+E). You can then save and print your event poster.