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Pinkeye! - troll - 29th May 2012

Whilst irradiating oneself in the call of duty is a serious health and safety consideration this time of year-it can also be pant-wettingly funny. Tiz about time we quantified the results. Archaeo-sunburn includes;

1. The Rising Sun: The strangely rounded orange halo peaking out the top of yer shreddies
2. The slaphead: Dome like a slapped arse
3. The Chav: Vest-shaped Die-hard fan
4. The Grilled Spock: Failure to cream the tips of ones lug-holes
5. The gravel rash Ferengi: Failure to cream ones bugle
6. The Dairy vet: Sleeves like a vet`s bum-gloves
7. The Dastardly: The ghost sunglasses
8. The Gimp: Looks like rubber rash of the neck

Bring it on guys.....and whilst we are at it...a serious word......sun burn is radiation sickness! Wear headgear...wear full on sunscreen......cover the flesh! Anyone thought about cutting out shapes from cloth and taping them on before getting tanned? Tan art? I once managed to burn the underneath bit of me chin (anatomical term anyone? The wattle?) from chalk reflection. Caned. Did me eyelids once too. Also caned.

Photos anyone?:I

Pinkeye! - Sam.Cleggett - 29th May 2012

Hahaha! Luckily I managed to avoid all of the above, but my arms and a bit of my neck have been pretty seriously toasted Sad despite numerous applications of factor 40 'I don't do a damn thing' sun cream. Having great fun though!

Pinkeye! - BAJR - 30th May 2012

Ah that cheered me up. I now know I have recently suffered from a Gimp - which was annoying as I wear sunfactor 100 - ie fully clothed with only my nose poking out.

Pinkeye! - Dinosaur - 30th May 2012

Back in the 70s/80s everyone used to get a strip across the lower back/kidney area cos T-shirts were cut shorter - once found a bunch of diggers that I hadn't met before on a beach cos of the unique tan pattern Cool

One I hate is burning the backs of my lower legs trowelling wearing shorts :face-crying:

Pinkeye! - CARTOON REALITY - 30th May 2012

And let's not forget those of us stuck in an office with a computer screen tanning our eyeballs . . .
And here's one this discussion fermented in my head.

Pinkeye! - Jack - 30th May 2012

And don't forget the mirror image of the bruce wayne tan...............the I used to have a beard tan

Pinkeye! - Dinosaur - 30th May 2012

Isn't pinkeye another name for conjunctivitis? - high on the 'to be avoided' list if you haven't tried it.... Sad

Pinkeye! - Wax - 30th May 2012

Burning the soles of your feet is interesting. difficult to achieve on site as requires lying face down with no foot wareCool

Pinkeye! - CARTOON REALITY - 30th May 2012

Then there's the "Will you tell him or will I?" tan.

Pinkeye! - Bodger51 - 30th May 2012

is he the quanity surveyor or sumat?

from the background 'No, no, Let me be the one'